Build to Suit

The most valuable quality a build-to-suit consultant can offer is technical experience. There are many, many considerations with any build-to-suit project, and an experienced consulting partner should be able to address them all. Common questions include:

  • Is there a building available to modify?

  • How much will it cost?

  • What site is best?

  • Will there be overruns?

  • Who are the most reliable contractors?

The right build-to-suit consultant will answer questions like these and more with calm expertise while simultaneously reducing/eliminating risk, uncertainty and anxiety and swiftly obtaining the best possible pricing and value. 

Building to Suit – What You Need to Know

Hiring an experienced industrial real estate experts means arming yourself with an advocate for your interests throughout the project. Never forget that developers and contractors have a team of agents charged with extracting the maximum amount of lease rent or project pricing from you and negotiating the most favorable lease or sale terms for them while still winning your business. When you hire us, our job is to represent your interests and to protect you from the other agents and their job of maximizing profits for their employer. Remember too, that no public agency will be there to help. Without a professional agent representing your interests, you’re in this on your own.

To achieve the very best terms for your build-to-suit project, it’s imperative to maximize your advantage in the negotiation process. This is where our experience is paramount. Our service will include:

  • Preparing or assisting you with the entire request for proposal package.

  • Reviewing the package with developers/contractors.

  • Prescreening proposed site locations and assessing them for your consideration.

  • Developing a list of responsible developers/contractors to propose on your project.

  • Soliciting quotes from the right bidders.

  • Assisting in proposal evaluations and final deal negotiations.

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