Land Title Convertion

All land owners must use the land in accordance to the category of the land use and the express condition stipulated in the title. Failure to do so is a breach of the condition of the land alienated and the State Authority can forfeit the land.
As such any land owner who intends to use his land for another category of use other than the category stated in the title, has to apply to change the category of the land use accordingly, Sections 124 and 124A of the National Land Code and the respective State Land Rules allow landowners to apply for such changes.

What landowner should DO?

The landowner must submit his application to the Land Office/ Land and Mines office and must comply
with all the requirements. 

What information and documents required?

* Copy of the Title;
* Site Plan;
* Location Plan;
* Development Proposal;
* Feasibility study (if any); and
* Valuation report (if any).