* Sole Proprietor / Partnerships / Private Limited Companies
* Commercial / Industrial / Residential Properties in company name
* Industrials property in individual name

How to Apply

Well, first are you an operating company  with at least 3 years in bussiness operations or an investment holding company?

Do provide the following security requirements:


* Commercial and industrial property

* Joint and Several Guarantee from all the directors (for Sdn. Bhd)

* Corporate guarantee (if applicable)

* Assign rental payment if you are the investment holding company





















Documents Required

Sole Proprietorship
   * Registered business solely by an individual
   * Unlimited liability
   * Copy of Business Registration Form (Borang A & D)
   * Trading License
   * Registered business owned by 2 or more individuals
   * Partners have unlimited liability
   * Copy of Business Registration Form (Borang A & D)
Private Limited Company (SDN BHD)
   * Minimum 2 directors, maximum 50 shareholders
   * Rules & regulations governed the company are embodies in                 Memorandum & Articles of Association (M&A)
   * M&A must empower company and directors to borrowJoint &              several guarantee of directors/shareholders (JSG) to be taken as          directors/shareholders' liability is limited
   * Form 24 & Form 49Memorandum & Article of Association