We have the Local Market Experience to Find the Perfect Property

Leasing and sales of warehouses and distribution/manufacturing properties in the klang valley is the primary focus of our business. Since 2007, we have worked with distribution and manufacturing firms to get our clients into the perfect space. 

This gives us a unique perspective when we handle build to suit projects as well as when we are locating and evaluating potential sites for our clients.

Our familiarity translates directly into services that streamline a company’s expansion or relocation processes. No consideration is too small, and we take the time to ascertain the following:

  • Is the facility technologically current?

  • Have there been any environmental problems associated with the property? If so, how have they been resolved?

  • Does the municipality, county or state offer incentives for major industrial tenants in the area? Have other industrial users in the area received incentives recently? What type?

  • How accessible is the property to major distribution points such as highways, rail lines or airports?

  • Is the area’s labor pool suitable for the intended use? What are prevailing wages and benefits? What is the competition for this labor pool from other industries and users in the area?

  • What industries are growing in the area? Which are contracting?

  • How does this property’s physical plan compare with others in the market?

  • What are the financial implications of a decision to lease versus a decision to buy?

  • Are lease or sale terms comparable with other properties in the area?

  • What is the developer or owner’s reputation in the business and real estate brokerage communities? How responsive is the management to their existing tenants’ needs?